About me

Skills & Interests

At this time, I am very passionate about the fields of system administration and computer security.
I pride myself in learning quickly and being auto-didact. I have good time management skills, and work very well in a team or alone.
"Everyday is a new learning opportunity"

System administration
Computer security
Web Design
Computer programming

Education & Diplomas

Sept, 2016
Dec, 2019

Associate's degree

IT System Administration, La Cité Collégiale

I learned all the basic knowledge required to be an efficient system administrator. We familiarized ourselves with:
Configuration of systems and peripherals; installation of workstations and servers; data storage; databases; Web Services Application and Email Management; automation of tasks; local network management and systems security.
This led me to a lot of hands on experience with various IT equipment (Such as: desktops, tablets, mobiles, laptops, servers,routers, switches, hubs, etc) and systems (Windows, Linux,FreeBSD, Cisco IOS, iOS etc).
I got the chance to learn more about Unix-like systems, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python,Shell, Powershell, MySQL, MySQL Management Studio, MS Access, a multitude of network protocols, and more.

Sept, 2006
May, 2011

High school Diploma

École Secondaire Mont-Bleu

I completed my High school diploma at the École Secondaire Mont-Bleu.
In year 2, I received an honorable mention plaque at the Gala de l'Excellence for a project I started and finished during the year.

June, 2007
May, 2008

Gap year in US High school

Freshman Student, Pennsbury High School

In 2007 I moved to Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania and went to a local High School for the year. I lived with family and became bilingual.

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